Why Gmail is not good for business

4 reasons why you should ditch the Hotmail or Gmail email address you’re using for your businesses

Using a Hotmail or Gmail address for your business is likely to result in fewer enquiries from your customers

Using an email address such as mybusiness@gmail.com or mybusiness@hotmail.com (or BTInternet, Yahoo etc.) doesn’t create a great impression and in the worst case scenario, could actually deter some potential customers from contacting you.

The best way to create a professional, businesslike image is to have your emails hosted under your own domain name. This will show potential customers that:

  • Your take the image of your business seriously and creating a good first impression is important to you.
  • Your business is established, reliable and reputable.
  • You invest time and money into making your business successful.
  • You have a thorough understanding of good business practice.

So, to sum up, having a Hotmail or Gmail address for your business will give an unfavourable impression and could encourage potential customers to look elsewhere. To find out more about hosting your emails under your own domain name, get in touch with us for further information.

The idea behind The Web Builder

The Web Builder: a brand new web design service built for builders and trades

Here at the Web Builder we’ve spent decades working with a wide range of trades throughout South West London and Surrey. This experience has shown us that many trades businesses in the construction sector have one thing in common: poor websites which simply don’t work for them. We also realised that cost is a major factor for most of them, which led to the idea of creating a service to provide attractive, affordable websites, designed to help tradespeople market their businesses effectively online.

Stunning website design at an affordable price

Not only will a well-designed website give your business the professional image it deserves, it will also encourage potential customers to enquire about your services. We developed The Web Builder as a way of offering trades and small businesses the chance to have a professionally designed, stylish website but without the significant costs normally associated with bespoke website design.

The process is simple and we start with an initial discussion about you, your business and the services you offer. We’ll also consider the geographic area you work within with the aim of targeting your potential customers, whilst also taking a look at who are your competitors and their approach to marketing.

Professional business branding combined with a compelling sales message

The next stage is to design a logo and branding so if you don’t have one at the moment, or your existing logo isn’t quite right, we’ll get to work on creating an eye-catching solution. In addition, to be successful your new website needs to include well-written content with ‘calls to action’ to encourage potential customers to get in touch. With this in mind, the next step is to find whether you have your own content or whether you’d like one of our team to create it for you.

These steps all add up to make a completely unique website that’s not only designed to maximise conversions, but is also designed and delivered at a cost-effective price. The Web Builder is borne out of a tried-and-tested formula which starts with your content and branding. Then, after discussion with you, we’ll decide how this is best represented in a website, before starting work on designing a website using a formula which we know will work.

The Web Builder: the ideal way to gain new business and reach more customers

The Web Builder is a new web design service which has been developed to meet the requirements of tradespeople who care about the image of their business and want to showcase their services to potential new customers. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you transform your business for an affordable price, get in touch by calling 0208945 7700 or email info@thewebbuilder.co.uk