4 reasons why you should ditch the Hotmail or Gmail email address you’re using for your businesses

Using a Hotmail or Gmail address for your business is likely to result in fewer enquiries from your customers

Using an email address such as mybusiness@gmail.com or mybusiness@hotmail.com (or BTInternet, Yahoo etc.) doesn’t create a great impression and in the worst case scenario, could actually deter some potential customers from contacting you.

The best way to create a professional, businesslike image is to have your emails hosted under your own domain name. This will show potential customers that:

  • Your take the image of your business seriously and creating a good first impression is important to you.
  • Your business is established, reliable and reputable.
  • You invest time and money into making your business successful.
  • You have a thorough understanding of good business practice.

So, to sum up, having a Hotmail or Gmail address for your business will give an unfavourable impression and could encourage potential customers to look elsewhere. To find out more about hosting your emails under your own domain name, get in touch with us for further information.